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04/24/98 6Bone Routing Report


At 01:09 PM 4/26/98 -0700, Richard Draves wrote:
>I've been watching these reports for several weeks now... I've seen the
>number of announcements vary by two orders of magnitude. I assume that when
>it is very high (as in the report below), that means there is something
>broken? Is there anyone out there who takes an interest in ferreting out
>these problems?

Darn good question.  These announcements (it they are real) have reached
crazy and unreal size.

I saw the follopwing :

>This report is for 04/24/98.
>Size of 6Bone Routing Table:
>    Max = 124, Min = 107, Average = 116
>    40 Unique Autonomous System (AS) numbers
>BGP4+ Traffic Summary:  
>    Announcements=1046901    Withdraws=184825   Unique Routes=159

This is over 1 million announcements in 24 hours.

My frustration is that too date when I ask specific sites about their high
count I get a "no problem I can see here" type of response.

Clearly something is either wrong with some routing or with the reports.

Can some expert(s) in this area try to explain (or look into) what may be
going on?