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Q:DNS server implement

On Wednesday 10 September 97, at 21 h 55, the keyboard of kim yong sin 
<[email protected]> wrote:

> 3. make 'zone file' for domain
> (q1: Can I involve ipv4 and ipv6 hosts information into same zone file?)

Yes. Example:

josephine       IN      A
                IN      AAAA    5f06:b500:9d63:3c00:1:800:2b38:703b
josephine-v6    IN      AAAA    5f06:b500:9d63:3c00:1:800:2b38:703b

> For 'nslookup',  it operates well.

I prefer dig.

> (q2: Does client sends 'query' message using ipv6 packet?)

No (unless you have an IPv6 resolver). You can serve IPv6 data with a 
IPv4 BIND (and vice-versa, but I dont' think there is an IPv6 DNS server 

> (q3: This case,  Which 'resolv.conf' file contains DNS server address ipv6
> or ipv4 addr?)

IPv4 (see above).