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new 6bone test address registry facility started up

6bone folk,

David Kessens has setup his new inet6num object in the 6bone registry to
allow us to assign, with delegation, the new IPv6 test addresses.

To this end, a top level object has been assigned to me for the new test
TLA with a netname of TEST-TLA-6BONE, with an inet6num value of 3FFE::/16
(see below).  You can reference this object, as well as other new inet6num
objects, by using the 6bone whois query:


This object is the owner, if you will, of all objects below it.  However,
it is my intention to assign pTLAs as delegated objects and then let them

Thus I have created (with some automatic help from David Kessens) the pTLA
objects below the test TLA.  I have shown a sample object below (the one
for TELEBIT).  All pTLAs have been assigned using their existing 6bone
registry ipv6-name as their netname within the inet6num object.

The exceptions to this are MREN, 3COM and VERIO which have not made their
6bone registry entries yet.  They must create their 6bone registry entries
if they wish to use their pTLA assignment (I will create their inet6num
objects as soon as their entries are created).

You should note that the "mnt-by" and "mnt-lower" fields are set to a new
maintainer object created for your site that has the name "MNT-netname"
with the value set to the "notify" value for your site.  You can change
this as you will, but the important thing to note is that the "mnt-lower"
assignment is the person that gets to delegate other inet6num objects below
your site's pTLA assignment.

I think this is enough for now to get you thinking.  Please address
questions to the list, copied to David and me, so we can all learn.



inet6num:    3FFE::/16
netname:     TEST-TLA-6BONE
descr:       Test Address Space for the 6bone
country:     AT AU BE CA CH DE DK ES FI FR GB
country:     HU IE IT JP KR KZ NL NO PL PT RO RU
country:     SE SG SK TW US
admin-c:     RLF1-6BONE
tech-c:      BM2-6BONE
tech-c:      DK13-RIPE
rev-srv:     ns.isi.edu
rev-srv:     imag.imag.fr
remarks:     contact RLF1-6BONE for allocation of a pTLA
remarks:     contact BM2-6BONE for reverse delegations
remarks:     contact DK13-RIPE for issues regarding the 6bone registry
remarks:     version 3
mnt-by:      RLF1-6BONE
mnt-lower:   RLF1-6BONE
changed:     [email protected] 19970908
changed:     [email protected] 19970909
source:      6BONE

inet6num:    3FFE:100::/24
netname:     TELEBIT
descr:       pTLA delegation for the 6bone
country:     DK
admin-c:     HHA1-6BONE
tech-c:      HHA1-6BONE
mnt-by:      MNT-TELEBIT
mnt-lower:   MNT-TELEBIT
changed:     [email protected] 19970909
source:      6BONE