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reconnecting IPv6 site.


Quoting Jan Marius Evang ([email protected]):
>   >> Bob Fink writes:
>   BF> Yes it has, and you need new implementations to use it - ones
>   BF> that support AGGR and EUI-64. The 6bone web pages for hookups
>   BF> has some info on this. Take a look:
> OK. I suppose the newest Linux kernels and Cisco IOS (IPv6) has this?

	You'll need one of the recent CVS snapshots of David Miller. Alexey has
	added EUI-64 support to them. See ftp.kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/davem.

> Or is it just the tools?

	If you run radvd on Linux you'll need a new version. I'm currently
	working on a new release which will allow 64bit prefixes but it's
	not public yet. If you need it please contact me via private email.

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