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reconnecting IPv6 site.

  >> Bob Fink writes:

  BF> Yes it has, and you need new implementations to use it - ones
  BF> that support AGGR and EUI-64. The 6bone web pages for hookups
  BF> has some info on this. Take a look:

OK. I suppose the newest Linux kernels and Cisco IOS (IPv6) has this?
Or is it just the tools?

  BF> http://www.6bone.net/6bone_hookup.html

  >> Is teher something written about what I need to change, or should
  >> I just read through everything at www.6bone.net?

  BF> There is also the info I've sent via the 6bone mail list. See
  BF> below.

  BF> Let me know if you need more info...and suggestions as to what
  BF> should be added to the web pages to make this clearer.

When I make it work, I'll see if a mini-howto is needed :-)

  BF> This object is the owner, if you will, of all objects below it.
  BF> However, it is my intention to assign pTLAs as delegated objects
  BF> and then let them sub-delegate.

This means that I need to have a pTLA delegated to for instance Norway?
Or is this already done?

  BF> sample object below (the one for TELEBIT). All pTLAs have been
  BF> assigned using their existing 6bone registry ipv6-name as their
  BF> netname within the inet6num object.

  BF> TELEBIT descr: pTLA delegation for the 6bone country: DK
  BF> admin-c: HHA1-6BONE tech-c: HHA1-6BONE mnt-by: MNT-TELEBIT
  BF> mnt-lower: MNT-TELEBIT changed: [email protected] 19970909 source:

So I shopuld update all these fields in the "whois database"?

Thanks for you help, I'll have a look at that web page.