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Tests of IPv6 Host Implementations


as part of our JOIN-Project we performed a first test in September of some
host implementations. We converted our report to HTML and the results are
now available on our Web Site at

The test covered the following implementations:

o FreeBSD 2.2.2-Release with  IPv6-code from INRIA (Snapshot from August)
o Linux with kernel version 2.1.49
o Solaris with IPv6 for Solaris prototype (Release 5.2)
o Windows 95 with IPv6-Code from FTP Software (Secure Client 3.0)

Suggestions, questions or comments are welcome 
(please use [email protected] for your mail)

Thanks and best regards,

JOIN -- IP Version 6 in the WiN   Manfred Sand
        A project of DFN          Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster
Project Team email:               Universitaetsrechenzentrum
           [email protected]   Einsteinstrasse 60
http://www.join.uni-muenster.de   D-48149 Muenster / Germany

phone: +49 251 83 31636, fax: +49 251 83 31653, email: [email protected]