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Request for connectivity


At 10:12 AM -0800 11/25/97, Albert K T Hui wrote:
>I would like to hook up my network ``deva.net'' to the 6bone.  We are in
>Hong Kong.  Of the west coast backbone sites I found that our connection
>to Cisco is the most reliable.  If there is a topologically more
>sensible tunnel point please advice.  For experiment we have a couple of
>Linux machines with EUI-64 (using the vger CVS kernel) as well as spare
>Cisco routers.  We will provide 6bone connectivity to Hong Kong and
>Macau networks.  Could we have a pTLA please?

Have you considered asking one of the current pTLA 6bone backbone sites for
a transit (pNLA1) delegation?  You can still do exactly as you propose as
an NLA, i.e., delegate to other Hong Kong/Macau networks and sites.  In
fact some of these may want to be an NLA (transit) under you, as opposed to
just a leaf site.

Given the test only nature of the 6bone (i.e., no production traffic),
there is no difference in  practice from being a transit (pNLA1) and a
pTLA.  In fact it would be very useful for sites to try this out as a test
of this concept as well.