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First thanks...

I did not mean to say UNH is the only place and I don't think I did say
that but if that is how it came out then thats not what I intended. I
have found bugs from the 6bone too for sure.  

But I may not find a Neighbor Discovery, Solicited Node Muliticast,
API, DNS, Router Advertisements, or Addr Conf bugs on the 6bone.  You
need a native IPv6 backbone to find many of these bugs if they exist
not a tunnel.

I also know we did multiple interface support for IPv6 for Connectathon
(note I mentioned Connectathon too) and thanks to that we found bugs in our
Host and when we turned the Alpha into a router too thanks to other
vendors at Connectathon which we were able to fix and verify it was not
the specs.

My other point is if Cairn happens that will be a native IPv6 link for
us initially on the West Coast.  An implementation can be working fine
with tunnels and then break when its on this native link.  Which was my
last point.  That you can be fine on the 6bone but not on a link with
mulitple implementations.

As far as my connotation in RIPE that was a light comment to kind of
get people to come to UNH to test.  

Sorry what I thought was positive came off negative to you or anyone
else.  The 6bone on the other hand tests parts we cannot possibly test
at UNH to this degree (e.g. Address Arch, Routing Table, ROuting Policy,
Deployment of IPv6 on an Internet, etc..).   So in no way am I
belittling thee importance of the 6bone for testing and many other
benefits it provides.