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6bone.net now active


At 10:26 AM -0700 5/15/97, Alain Durand wrote:
>On May 15,  9:13am, Bob Fink wrote:
>> Subject: Re: 6bone.net now active
>> >As I mentioned earlier, I would enter the border routers of every IPv6 site
>> >into the 6bone.net zone with the short site name (e.g.
>>"fauern.6bone.net" or
>> >"join.6bone.net" or "cisco.6bone.net" - I think you get the idea ;-). That
>> >would make traceroutes much easier to understand.
>> This might be a lot of work.  I do think all backbone border routers (and
>> maybe the transits as well) could be named like this.
>> As we are trying to emulate a real network, maybe we should treat the
>> "leaf" sites as the users and thus not part of the 6bone.net domain.
>I talked about that to some people at last IETF. A common answer is that
>we do not want to recreate the .arpa domain.
>www.6bone.net, ftp.6bone.net registry.6bone.net, [email protected]
>& all sorts of things like that make a lot of sense to me.
>For site entry point, we might have 6bone-gw.ipv6.your.site or anything
>That's nice enough for traceroutes.

I like this idea,, and agree about not recreating the big single domain
again.  After all, we will be morphing this thing into a production net.

We already now have www.6bone.net and whois.6bone.net (for the ISI RR).

I especially like NOT having to do NDS updates for sites on a regular
basis...your 6bone-gw.ipv6.your.site makes a lot of sense.