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6bone.net now active

I'm pleased to report that we now have the domain name 6bone.net registered:

bob/nsx.lbl.gov[16]:whois -h internic.net 6bone.net
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (6BONE3-DOM)
   One Cyclotron Road
   Berkeley, CA 94720-0001

   Domain Name: 6BONE.NET

   Administrative Contact:
      Fink, Robert L.  (RLF)  [email protected]
      (510) 486-5692 (FAX) (510) 486-6363
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Leres, Craig A  (CAL3)  [email protected]
      (510) 486-7576 (FAX) (510) 845-2017
   Billing Contact:
      Fink, Robert L.  (RLF)  [email protected]
      (510) 486-5692 (FAX) (510) 486-6363

   Record last updated on 09-May-97.
   Record created on 09-May-97.
   Database last updated on 13-May-97 06:16:37 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Information
(Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's).
Please use the whois server at nic.ddn.mil for MILNET Information.

Thanks for all the help from the off-site DNS folk at isi.edu, ripe.net and

I will soon have the 6bone web server www.6bone.net active.  When we move
to the new RIPE-style RR at isi, it will also be in this domain, as well as
its mirror sites.

At this point I would encourage anyone with an idea of what to use this
domain for to send their ideas to the list.