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New site - ASCI


Advanced Systems Consulting, Inc. (ASCI) is now connected to the
6bone.  Our tunnel became fully operational on March 7 when I
finally got RIPng working.

Our updated RIPE entry is:

site:		Advanced Systems Consulting, Inc.
location:	Marlton, NJ, USA
loc-string:	39 55 00n 74 56 15w
prefix:		5f01:600:c631:da00::/64
ping:		5f01:600:c631:da00:4701:20:af0a:ed6a penne.ipv6.advsys.com
tunnel:	CISCO RIPng
contact:	Andrew Hazeltine <[email protected]>
status:		operational since December 1996
remark:		End systems: x86/Linux, Sparc/Solaris
changed:	[email protected] 970328
source:		RIPE

- Andy