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New 6bone leaf node, OCS-AU

site:           O. C. Software P/L
location:       Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
prefix:         5F04:C500:CB22:6100/64
ping:           5F04:C500:CB22:6100::6 router-6.ocs.com.au
tunnel:     CICNET - static - operational
contact:        Keith Owens <[email protected]>
status:         operational since March 20, 1997
remark:         Linux 2.1.29, test machine, not always booted.
remark:         CICNET tunnel is temporary, will convert to Australian 6bone
remark:		transit node when it becomes available.
remark:         Forward DNS in place, waiting for delegation of ip6.int from
remark:		Australian backbone.
changed:        [email protected] 970330
source:         RIPE