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new addressing plan

> Is this the general opinion ?
> Personaly i believe our present aproach is superior since it does not
> require any registry...
I do not think this is GOOD.

The stated aim of the 6bone is to gain operational experience of v6
deployment.  That must include exploring the requirements of the registry
management, database objects, etc.  I appreciate that the small scale of
the 6bone cannot hope to emulate the size of the final Internet
requirement, but the principles we develop will be invaluable input into
the final registry management system.

I think that the work that is now underway in handling the new site
registry is going to be very useful on this basis and support the efforts
to get this off the ground.

Likewise, I think that we need to start exercising the new address format
in as real a form as we can manage for the same reasons.

My .2p