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new addressing plan

>>>>> "Dimitry" == Dimitry Haskin <[email protected]> writes:

    Dimitry> At 09:34 AM 6/10/97 -0700, Pedro Marques wrote:
    >>  Is this the general opinion ?
    >> Personaly i believe our present aproach is superior since it
    >> does not require any registry...
    Dimitry> It is not that we can't get away without registry at
    Dimitry> 6bone for some time.

To be more specific, we don't need, with an AS based scheme, to have
address delegation being made by a registry. A registry is useful and
the RIPE registry as been a great aid to everyone.

    Dimitry>   It is that we need to start testing
    Dimitry> addressing concepts to their full extend asap.

I see no advantage in having a registry assigned prefix and a prefix build
from a AS #... the addressing concept is exactly the same.

    Dimitry>  This includes registry operations and address delegation which
    Dimitry> are important components in overall scheme.

At the moment i believe that requiring address delegation will only make
things harder for people to get into the 6bone... things are hard enought
as it is for most people.

    Dimitry>   The fact
    Dimitry> that there is no operational v6 registry has become
    Dimitry> detrimental to the v6 deployment effort

I think it is a plus...

    Dimitry>  since it
    Dimitry> contributes to the perception that v6 lacks even basic
    Dimitry> deployment logistics.

A 6bone registry would not be able to delegate non testing allocation
addresses. Also i do believe that this is not a real technical problem
but incorrect perception by some people...