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new tool prototypes -- routing/topology analysis


We've modified some of our IPv4 routing stability/topology analysis tools for 
use with IPv6 and the 6Bone.

The tools receive a real-time feed from our 6Bone routers (running MRTd and 
using the built-in statistics collection services), and display maps of AS 
topology, IPv6 instability during the day, and provides access to the 6Bone 
"default-free" routing table.

See http://www.merit.edu/ipma/asexplorer/, or more generally 

The tools are pretty primitive and of somewhat limited functionality. Still, 
some of the data is a bit interesting -- we're seeing many of the same 
pathological behaviors with IPv6 routing as we do with IPv4 (repeated, 
duplicate withdraws and announcements, frequency components, etc.)

- Craig

Craig Labovitz				[email protected]
Merit Network, Inc.			http://www.merit.edu/~labovit
4251 Plymouth  Road, Suite C.		(313) 764-0252 (office)
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2785                (313) 647-3185 (fax)