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Mailer administrivia

So list members, here is one more chance to voice your concerns
over a policy issue.   Please let me (not the list) know if you
would like me to remove the current restriction on posting.

The 6bone list has been moved to majordomo.
The "normal" configuration here is to restrict
postings to list members.  One group (WIDE) is 
asking for that restriction to be removed.

You have three choices:

	Yes - remove the restriction
	No  - keep the restriction
	No Response - Keep the restriction.

There are 877 subscribers to this list.  I'll take comments/votes 
for the next two weeks and will post the results (and make the changes, if any)
to the list on 06 Jan 1998.  I would like at least a 10% response.

Thanks for your time

> To: [email protected] (Kazu Yamamoto)
> Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:20:07 -0800 (PST)
> Cc: [email protected], [email protected]
> In-Reply-To: <[email protected]> from "Kazu Yamamoto" at Dec 22, 97 06:00:18 pm
> > 
> > WIDE project created [email protected] for those who live in
> > Japan(including non-WIDE members). We will subscribe this ml to
> > [email protected]
> > 
> > One problem is that members of 6bone-jp cannot post to [email protected]
> > if they are subscribed to 6bone-jp only. May I ask you to remove the
> > limitation of [email protected] so that the members of 6bone-jp can post
> > to 6bone?
> > 
> > --Kazu, WIDE Project
> > 
> Due to the prevalence of individuals who will abuse mailing lists by posting
> off topic discussion, we have restricted the 6bone such that only those
> whom are members may post.  What you are asking for is a removal of this
> restriction, which will allow all list members to be regaled with
> off topic and in-appropriate mailings.   If this is really what you desire,
> I will ask the list membership if they are willing to tolerate this 
> behaviour.  If the answer to both questions is in the affirmative, I'll
> remove the restriction.
> --bill

-- bill
"When in doubt, Twirl..."  -anon