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Multiple links

> > As far as i'm aware most people that run cisco boxes use both bgp4+ and
> > rip... that is for instance the case of our own test box. I'm not aware
> > of any problems at all... and usually our testers are pretty good at
> > informing me about those issues ;-)
> My cisco 7206 runs both BGP4+ and RIPng and I am not aware of any
> problems. 
> Lars, perhaps it would help if you told us how you acquired the
> opinion that "most router implementations have problems running BGP4+
> in combination with RIPng successfully." You seem to state it as fact,
> and I, for one, have experience configuring and running two router
> implementations that do not have the problem that you allege exists. I
> have BGP4+ peering sessions with other implementations that lead me to
> believe that they also do not have the problems you allege. 

I said "as far as I know", which should not be interpreted as a
fact. I have heard of problems from different sources, but I do not
know any details or which implementations were used. If you have not
heard of any problems, I suppose there no longer are any. I'll get
back if I am able to verify any problems.