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Multiple links

> As far as i'm aware most people that run cisco boxes use both bgp4+ and
> rip... that is for instance the case of our own test box. I'm not aware
> of any problems at all... and usually our testers are pretty good at
> informing me about those issues ;-)

My cisco 7206 runs both BGP4+ and RIPng and I am not aware of any

Lars, perhaps it would help if you told us how you acquired the
opinion that "most router implementations have problems running BGP4+
in combination with RIPng successfully." You seem to state it as fact,
and I, for one, have experience configuring and running two router
implementations that do not have the problem that you allege exists. I
have BGP4+ peering sessions with other implementations that lead me to
believe that they also do not have the problems you allege.