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Getting Started

Hello All!
	My name is Sean McPherson, and I'm a systems admin for NTR.Net
Corporation. We're a national ISP based in louisville, Kentucky, US. We
try to stay on top of everything, so I've been reading everything I can
about IPV6. And before you ask, no it's not a passing fad or something
I've been assigned at work :) The first practical experience I had w/ IPV6
was w/ the development kernels on my linux boxi, and since I'd heard so
much uproar about it for the past few years, I got really interested. Now,
I'm trying to find out how to go about setting up a decent site to connect
thru 6bone. I've read thru the web site, most of the RFC's, and some of
the other things I've found, but I expect this is a bit touch and go at
this point. 

	I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers
on, so I'll try to be as precise as possible. We presently route thru
UUNET and GRIDNET, and our routing hardware consists of Cisco 7500's. I
know Cisco has quite a bit going w/ 6bone, so I'm hoping for some pointers
for more info on what I'll need to do to even get packets thru :)
As far as software/OS's go, I'm using a few linux boxi (they make great
test machines, even if we don't use them for production purposes) and SGI
indy's to try this out. I have the linux boxes pretty well configures so
far as the actual IPV6 goes, but after that I expect all the rules of IP
and routing to change (I've read enuff of the RFC's and seen the 6bone
network layout to expect at least some weirdness).

	1)	What kind of Cisco's presently work well w/ IPV6? If I
need a revision for the 7500, what patch level should I be at?

	2)	Who do I contact for the network addressing specs 6bone is
using, and/or apply for an IP header block for this testing?

	3)	What kind of official channels should I be going thru? :)

	Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, and I am really
looking forward to seeing what happens. After all, when there are enuff
IP's for every electrical device in my apartment, what can be wrong???!!!

Sean McPherson
[email protected]
Systems Administration
NTR.Net Corporation
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