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three letter acronyms (TLAs) (fwd)

> From: "Rebecca L. Nitzan" <[email protected]>
> >Hi,
> >	Will the good folks at these sites contact me w/ the (min) two 
> >nameservers that will be used for the TLA delegations?
> >
> >CICNET/US       3FFE:0800::/24
> >ISI-LAP/US      3FFE:0800::/24
>                       ^^ typo?
> >NWNET/US        3FFE:0A00::/24
> >VIAGENIE/CA     3FFE:0B00::/24
> >CISCO/US        3FFE:0C00::/24
> >ANS/US          3FFE:0D00::/24
> >IFB/UK          3FFE:0E00::/24
> >NRL/US          3FFE:0F00::/24
> >CSELT/IT        3FFE:1000::/24
> >UUNET/UK        3FFE:1100::/24
> >DIGITAL-CA/US   3FFE:1200::/24
> >BAY/US          3FFE:1300::/24
> >UNI-C/DK        3FFE:1400::/24

and Matt Crawford points out that we have too many zeros here for /24s. 

	IMHO, I'll move CICnet/US to 3FFE:1500::
	or	        CICnet/US to 3FFE:0900::

and ask if we are going on /32 bounds or not.

Your feedback is appreciated.

"When in doubt, Twirl..."  -anon