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RIPE registry

"Alain Durand" <[email protected]> writes:

> which route shall I take to go to cisco: it might be usefull to give
> some kind of average RTT for each tunnel. I know, this is highly dynamic,
> but this will still provide some hints about the speed of the links
> and might be use as a rought metric.
> [...]
> Comments?

I like that idea. I've set up a short script grabbing pingable
addresses out of the RIPE registry and sending out some echo requests
every hour (that often probably just for the first few days). The
results may be seen at http://www.cs.tu-bs.de/~strauss/ipng/stats.html.
Note that TU-BS is one of the leaf sites with just one default
tunnel. Therefore our values are not very representative for US
residents, for example.