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RIPE registry

Just an idea I had looking at the 6-bone map and trying to figure out
which route shall I take to go to cisco: it might be usefull to give
some kind of average RTT for each tunnel. I know, this is highly dynamic,
but this will still provide some hints about the speed of the links
and might be use as a rought metric.

For example, tonight a 1:20 am

G6 -> U-lisboa (pt): RTT = 1000 ms
G6 -> UNH (us):      RTT =  400 ms
G6 -> UNI-C (dk):    RTT =  200 ms
G6 -> JOIN (de):     RTT =  500 ms
G6 -> MAINZ (de):    RTT =  600 ms
G6 -> NIST (us):     RTT =  300 ms
G6 -> SICS (se):     RTT =  150 ms
G6 -> WIDE (jp):     down

I made some observation at other times of the day, I had similar results.


	- Alain