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6Bone Mail

>>  - the AS number space is flat then we'll get a large number of
>>  static routes on the backbone boxes. We can develop special tools
>>  but we have limited man-power...
    That is because the 6bone is using RFC1897.

>>  - if you have a backbone everybody want to be in it. It is (too) human,
>>  if you don't believe me tell me what is the backbone router for the USA!
>> Static routing still works today then we should think about next steps...

    Right, so what. The ones that connect to it will be 2nd tier nodes. If
    they don't want to provide 2nd tier service, they don't tunnel with a
    backbone router. They tunnel with a 2nd tier node.

    Making the tunnel topology hierarchical from the start will avoid the
    constant entropy of meshing. I know this may be hard to enforce but 
    backbone router tunnel subscriptions can be denied for tail users.

    If you don't understand what I mean. Just use the model that NSFnet
    had. One backbone with many regionals attaching to it. Then sites
    only attached to the regionals. It works and proved to scale to a 
    specific size.