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6Bone Mail

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   >> => there are three solutions for the dynamic routing of the 6 bone:
       I say there is four.
       - Use static routing. Build a backbone of nodes so most connected (tail)
         sites use prefix 0/0 to get to the backbone. Their tunnel endpoint
         routers are configured with a /64 for the site (and other sites they
         connect). The backbone routers pass around /32 (routes on AS numbers
       This should hold us for a long time until the specs are stable.
=> I can see two problems with this :
 - the AS number space is flat then we'll get a large number of
 static routes on the backbone boxes. We can develop special tools
 but we have limited man-power...
 - if you have a backbone everybody want to be in it. It is (too) human,
 if you don't believe me tell me what is the backbone router for the USA!
Static routing still works today then we should think about next steps...


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