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the T-shirt

On Oct 21, 12:01pm, Bob Fink LBNL wrote:
> Subject: the T-shirt
> I would like to propose a design and some text for the Tshirt.  I want this
> ...
> If folk in general like the idea of the counts under the map, then I need
> ...
> Comments, corrections and updates appreciated.

My only nit would be _iff_ you are going to put the counts on the shirt, then
you it would make sense to tie it to a frozen moment in time, i.e. "December
'96 IETF" somewhere on the shirt.

Random thoughts off the top of my head (watch for flying debris) might include
saying something like "IP Next Generation for This Generation" (probably too
cheesy) or "IP Next Generation" and cross out the "Next Generation" with an
overstrike and put "version 6" in its place -- something to the effect of
showing progress and that IPng is no longer a "futuristic" idea and is actually
happening on the Internet _now_. (Which, correct me if I'm wrong Bob, is part
of the goal of the T-shirt).

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