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the T-shirt

I would like to propose a design and some text for the Tshirt.  I want this
to help sell IPv6 at the IETF...and communicate the message that IPv6 is
successful and that there is no good reason to not "just do it" (sorry
about that, supposed to stay neutral :-)

On the front (smaller in size than the back):

	       "Deploying IPv6
   The next generation step for the Internet "

On the back (larger in size than the front):

              6bone diagram

              "10 countries
        4 router implementations
        7 host implementations"

If folk in general like the idea of the counts under the map, then I need
to have an accurate count of implementations.

I believe the country count is already correct at 10.  DE, DK, FR, JP, KZ,

For routers I know of Bay, Cisco, Digital and Telebit as operational at
this time on the 6bone.  That's 4.

For host implementations I know of NRL 4.4BSD-Lite, AIX, WIDE BSDI/OS,
Digital UNIX, SICS HP-UX, INRIA NetBSD, and Solaris 2 as operational at
this time on the 6bone.  That's 7.

Comments, corrections and updates appreciated.

If it's all a bad idea, please say so!