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could you please set-up V6 httpd NetWorld+Interop96 tokyo demo?

	Hello, this is Jun-ichiro Itoh of Sony CSL/Keio Univ.
	We are trying to demonstrate 6bone and IPv6 at NetWorld+Interop96
	which will be held next week, at tokyo.

	For demonstration, we would like to let the visitors play with
	IPv6-ready Mosaic, for demonstrating 6bone availability at this moment.
	So, apparently we need some IPv6-ready httpd servers on the 6bone.

	If you are already connected to Japanese 6bone (which is operated
	by WIDE project), and you are so kind to donate some CPU power for
	IPv6-ready httpd, could you please contact us? ([email protected])
	1. If you already have IPv6-ready httpd, please let me know
	   IPv6 address/doain name for your http server.
	2. If you do not have IPv6-ready httpd, don't worry!
	   If you have inet6d, you can use very trivial httpd we have
	   implemented.  It should be able to run on any UNIX-based boxes.
	   Contact us for the source code.  Installation phase is also
	   very trivial!

	Thanks for your future cooperation!

[email protected]
Jun-ichiro Itoh