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more tunnels and what to do next

Two new groups have now asked for a tunnel to the 6bone via the 6bone list
(Merit and the UNH/Bay/DEC consortium), and one to me privately (Dqavid
Meyer, Univ. of Oregon).

As I remember our plan from Montreal, we decided to use the G6/Wide/UNI-C
folk as the trial 6bone setup to test out Geert Jan's routing registry,
various 6bone operational issues, and whatever else came up in preparation
to moving beyond these first three networks.  I still think this is a good

So, I would propose that we wait to hear from Geert Jan (he was about to
send something to the list on the registry early next week), as well as
having some open discussion on this list (hopefully also during the next
week) about how we should handle requests, how to decide where and how
tunnels get built, etc..

Also, we are trying to learn from the MBONE experience so I want to hear
from Steve Deering as well as to how he thinks what has gone on so far fits
with what his experience with the mBONE has been.

I'm concerned that if we don't move fairly carefully as tunnel requests
come in we could end up with a messy mesh on our hands :-)

Again, thanks to the G6/Wide/UNI-C folk for being the testers of all this.
The 6bone is really poised to help the Internet's conversion to v6 (albeit
over a long period of time).