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New 6bone site DIGITAL-EARC/DE


I've just downloaded our RIPE entry, which looks like this:

site:           Digital Equipment Corporation
location:       Karlsruhe, Germany
loc-string:     49 00 54n 8 24 18e 150m
prefix:         5F04:FB00:810D:A900::/80
ping:           earc-rtr.ipv6.kar-x.dec.com (5F04:FB00:810D:A900::F84A:A7B0)
ping:           earc.ipv6.kar-x.dec.com (5F04:FB00:810D:A900::800:2B3C:1FAD)
tunnel:   DIGITAL-CA/US (RIP)
tunnel-v4:      earc-rtr.kar-x.dec.com (
contact:        <brandner|jork>@pa.dec.com
status:         operational since 12-DEC-1996
remark:         RouteAbout Access EI/IPv6, Digital UNIX IPv6
remark:         New tunnels added, RIP or static; send mail to contact
changed:        [email protected] 19961213
source:         RIPE

IPv4 nameserver is operational; IPv6 entries will be added soon.
Tunnels and IPv6 connections are soon to be added, too.

Rudolf Brandner
CEC Karlsruhe, European Applied Research Center
Digital Equipment Corporation
email: [email protected]