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*** tunnel request ***

Dear 6bone folks:

  This is TNJC (Tung Nan Junior College of Technology) from Taiwan.

  We are seeking ipv6 tunnel link, please e-mail me if you have add our 
site to your ipv6 hosts. We shall update our tunnel file.

  Our current configuration are as follows:


  site:           TNJC-TW IPv6 project
location:       Shen-Kan, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
prefix:         5f06:7b00::/64
ping:           5f06:7b00:8c81:8e00:0000:0800:207a:2cae ipv6.tnjc.edu.tw
tunnel:    NRL
tunnel:    CEFRIEL (Milano,Italy)
tunnel:    Bay Networks (USA)   
tunnel:   NASA-NAS
tunnel:    CISCO
tunnel:     TICL
contact:        [email protected]
status:         Operational Since 12/12/1996
remark:         Using Solaris 2.5 for IPv6
changed:        [email protected] 961212
source:         RIPE

 or, you may connect to ftp://info.ripe.net/ripe/ipv6/ip6rr/TNJC-TW
 for our latest update.

Thanks for all your support.

Sincerely Yours,

Rick Chiang
Chief of Computer Center
Tung Nan Junior College of Technology