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link-local addresses are traversing

> Are you sure?  I have a tunnel from v6.netc.com (NETC) to DIGITAL-CA as my
> ONLY tunnel, and it's traceroute comes up with that same link-local address
> as the first destination node of any traceroute that works... (I think that
> address may be DIGITAL-CA's, but I can't be too sure)

The router at DIGITAL-CA has a link-local address of fe80::f842:142c,
not fe80::cc7b:02ec.

A traceroute from one of my IPV6 hosts (host.ipv6.pa-x.dec.com) to
v6.netc.com shows that gw.ipv6.pa-x.dec.com is reporting its address
correctly. I'll check with the engineers to see if there are
conditions under which it would behave differently, though.

% traceroute6 v6.netc.com                                   
traceroute to v6.netc.com (5F0F:4A00:C7BE:6E00::A0:24EC:F97A), 30 hops max, 24 byte packets
 1  gw.ipv6.pa-x.dec.com (5F00:2100:CC7B::12:0:F842:142C)  1.952 ms 1.952 ms  1.952 ms
 2  5F0F:4A00:C7BE:6E00::A0:24EC:F97A (5F0F:4A00:C7BE:6E00::A0:24EC:F97A)  123.952 ms  97.542 ms  132.694 ms