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link-local addresses are traversing

>From: at the University of New Hampshire <[email protected]>
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: link-local addresses are traversing
>Date: Monday, December 02, 1996 4:49 AM
> 1  5f02:3000:84b1:7e80:: (5f02:3000:84b1:7e80::)  1.908 ms  1.824 ms 
1.772 ms
> 2  fe80::cc7b:2ec (fe80::cc7b:2ec)  103.54 ms  99.682 ms  120.378 ms
> 3  6bone-router.cisco.inner.net (5f00:6d00:c01f:700:1:60:3e11:6770) 
347.197 ms *  274.7 ms
> 4  esnet-v6r1.es.net (::  281.609 ms  251.368 ms  253.379 ms
> 5  6bone-router.cisco.inner.net (5f00:6d00:c01f:700:1:60:3e11:6770) 
248.65 ms
>First, I would like to ask each maintainer to make your router not to
>select a link-local source address for a global destination. According
>to the 6bone map, fe80::cc7b:2ec is NRL/US(one between UNH/US and
Are you sure?  I have a tunnel from v6.netc.com (NETC) to DIGITAL-CA as my
ONLY tunnel, and it's traceroute comes up with that same link-local address
as the first destination node of any traceroute that works... (I think that
address may be DIGITAL-CA's, but I can't be too sure)

--Jeff Barrow