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Re: [[email protected]: Some networks will be down on Jan 1]

The Higher ups at B&W wanted to do the same thing....
I had top explain to them that we lose more equipment to power
off and on than Y2K could ever cause....  I will kick everyone off
at say 20:00 12-31-99, but it's not really for Y2K.  It's really
because I'm the admin. and I can.  :-)
If there are no users allowed online then no one can complain, therefore
I don't get any pages....


Robbie Honerkamp wrote:

> Great. Just what we need- people are shutting their servers and networks
> down on 31 December for New Years.
> Robbie
> ----- Forwarded message from Sean Donelan <[email protected]> -----
> Date: 19 Nov 1999 15:02:29 -0800
> To: [email protected]
> From: Sean Donelan <[email protected]>
> Subject: Some networks will be down on Jan 1
> A person forwarded me this information.
> Whether Y2K affects anything, sites plan to shutdown over New Year's.  In case
> you get trouble calls, you won't be able to send e-mail to places like Cornell.
> http://www.cit.cornell.edu/y2k/y2kdown.html  Fortunately they are leaving the
> phone switch up, assuming you got their phone number ahead of time.
> Why do I get this sinking feeling there will be a lot of confusion over what
> is up, what is down, what is supposed to be down, and what is supposed to be
> up.  And contacting their upstream usually isn't much help.  The last time
> Tufts and Boston were down, their upstream didn't respond for over 24 hours.
> And then only to say, everything looked ok to them a day later.
> ----- End forwarded message -----

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