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[[email protected]: Some networks will be down on Jan 1]

Great. Just what we need- people are shutting their servers and networks
down on 31 December for New Years. 


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Date: 19 Nov 1999 15:02:29 -0800
To: [email protected]
From: Sean Donelan <[email protected]>
Subject: Some networks will be down on Jan 1

A person forwarded me this information.

Whether Y2K affects anything, sites plan to shutdown over New Year's.  In case
you get trouble calls, you won't be able to send e-mail to places like Cornell.
http://www.cit.cornell.edu/y2k/y2kdown.html  Fortunately they are leaving the
phone switch up, assuming you got their phone number ahead of time.

Why do I get this sinking feeling there will be a lot of confusion over what
is up, what is down, what is supposed to be down, and what is supposed to be
up.  And contacting their upstream usually isn't much help.  The last time
Tufts and Boston were down, their upstream didn't respond for over 24 hours.
And then only to say, everything looked ok to them a day later.

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