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Re: Cheap bandwidth

At 11:15 AM 5/10/99 -0400, Glenn Everette wrote:
>On the 13th, the checked the line and found a problem. They tried to call
>my dataline to tell me there was a problem but I was online. On the 14th I
>called to find out what the problem was and thats when I got this info.
>Both me and the CS rep could not understand why BS with a nearly 3 week
>lead time choose to wait to test my line until the day before it was be

Well, that's common, really.  The technician picks up the service order,
goes to the location, tests the line from the crossbox, and if there's
a problem with it, either attempts to fix it (normally involves changing
pairs) or, if he can't, turning the order back to the cable people for
repair.  You're right, it _would_ be nice if there was some automated
testing that could go on, but if the line isn't tied down at the 
crossbox (there are jumper wires run in the crossbox, connecting Bell's
CO with your premeses, I don't have time or I'd draw the diag... aw heck)

Central office ---> SLC/Litespan/etc ---> Crossbox ---> Customer's Termainal
---> Outside Network Interface @ Customer's house

If the line isn't tied down at the Crossbox (and there's no reason really
it should be), then a problem in the line between the Crossbox and ONI
wouldn't be detected by a Central Office test.  So the tech tests it.

I've made up my mind to do a webpage on how the telco works, at least from
a BS Service Tech's point of view.  I'll let everyone know how it goes.



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