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RE: Linux and BellSouth ADSL

I'm fearful of this approach only because I already **AM** a Linux on
Bellsouth ADSL customer... If BS gets upset with me, I get yanked. I get
terrible service anyway (I called 2 weeks ago because my connection was
down, they said they'd call to schedule a service visit... Never called.
Connection came back miraculously by itself). I don't want to anger the
idiots who give me my only solution for high-speed access.

Jason Gerry
Net Placement Corporation
404.467.0076 x101

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Subject: Linux and BellSouth ADSL

BellSouth won't install ADSL service if you use Linux.

Linux users are protesting. Here's what you can do to help.

-Call their ADSL hotline at 888-321-2375.
-Choose option 2.
-Ask to speak with Rich Allen.
-He won't be availible. Ask to leave a message.
-They're compiling the names of Linux users who
 want ADSL access and sending it to Bellsouth HQ.

Call and add your name to the list!