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Re: Linux and BellSouth ADSL

> I'm fearful of this approach only because I already **AM** a Linux on
> Bellsouth ADSL customer... If BS gets upset with me, I get yanked. I get
> terrible service anyway (I called 2 weeks ago because my connection was
> down, they said they'd call to schedule a service visit... Never called.
> Connection came back miraculously by itself). I don't want to anger the
> idiots who give me my only solution for high-speed access.

I had no trouble once I went to 2.2 and used the latest version of dhcpcd.
Before that, I was going down every couple of days (the piece of crap
was prolly not renewing my lease and someone else got my address).

Other than that I've had good success, other than the 'hidden' charge to MCI
or Sprint or whoever for access to the internet (bell south only guarantees
you access to THEIR network - for internet access you pay a $8 surcharge).