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[Fwd: FW: The Little Soldier]

"Kevin V. Pou" wrote:

> >     While taking dictation one morning, a secretary noticed that her
> >     boss's fly was open.  Upon leaving the room she said, "Mr. Jones, your
> >     barracks door is open."  He was puzzled by her remark, but later that
> >     day he noticed that his zipper was open.
> >
> >     He decided to have a little fun and called her back into his office.
> >     "By the way, Miss Smith," he said, "when you noticed my barracks door
> >     was open this morning, did you also notice a soldier standing at
> >     attention?"
> >
> >     "Why, no, Sir." she replied, "All I saw was a little disabled veteran
> >     sitting on two duffel bags.
> >
> >