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"K-Tel Presents The Greatest Flames of All Time"

This afternoon I read a posting to a mailing list that quoted
a line from one of my top-twenty flames of all time. Incidentally,
that flame was written by Todd Lewis (former Moblister and current
MindSpringer). I found the original posting tonight, and as I sit
here giggling, I thought I'd pass it on to everyone. And I'm proud
to say that I was working late sitting in the desk next to Todd
when he typed it up.. :-)



       To: Marc Hurst <[email protected]> 
       Subject: Re: Root Name Server Confederations 
       From: Todd Graham Lewis <[email protected]> 
       Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 00:26:39 -0400 (EDT) 
       cc: "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]> 
       In-Reply-To: <Pine.BSD/[email protected]> 
       Reply-To: Todd Graham Lewis <[email protected]> 
       Sender: [email protected] 

On Tue, 20 May 1997, Marc Hurst wrote:

> This has more to do with internet and the future world goverance.

"Future world goverance(sic)"?  Try "present world governance", Marc.
Present world governance by Joyce Reynolds and Jon Postel, two middle-aged
American hippies sitting on the beach in southern California with their
Dell laptops and their Intel CPUs and their Microsoft operating system and
their WaveLAN wireless network card, dialed in using the University-of-
Michigan-written Point-to-point protocol, pulling your strings and my
strings and everyone else's strings because the U.S. Government says so.

God bless 'em, too.

You know why, Marc?  How come two middle-aged hippies in L.A. can
completely determine the fate of the global networking infrastructure?
Because we've got the bomb.  Two words for you: nuclear fucking weapons,
that's why.  That's why SNMP IODs start with 1.3._6_.1, that's right, the
Department of Defense, American merchants of death, spreading good old
fashioned American napalm on anyone who disagrees.

LOS ANGELES, Marc, HOLLYWOOD.  We not only control your foreign policy
(Canada's a sovereign nation!  Yeah, right; Britain didn't even extend the
courtesy of mailing you your so-called Constitution, by which they granted
you, still subject to the Queen, more autonomous colonial rule, until,
what, eight years ago?), we also control your culture.  And it's only
going to get worse, because we've got the bomb, we've got the napalm,
we've got Mauel Noriega in prison in Ohio because he fucked with the wrong
President, we've got 100,000 Iraqi corpses, we've got Hollywood
controlling the minds of your kids, slowly Americanizing what's left of
your culture from the inside out, we've also got the IANA, two hippies on
the beach in southern California controlling the destiny of the net
whether you like it or not.

"Future world goverance(sic)"?  Try "present world governance", Marc.

Todd Graham Lewis

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