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Re: Finally.

[email protected] (Levien de Braal) writes:

> >is the beginning of a new millennium as Clarke is.
> Actually, every year is the beginning of some millennium, as the word just
> means "a 1000-year period". What people mean with it is that they are refering
> to a 1000 years in the current western (Gregorian) calendar system. The
> whole discussion about Jan 1 2000 or 2001 is moot: the Gregorian calendar
> didn't start until it was adopted in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. There simply
> can't be a millennium under that calendar yet because that calendar system
> isn't that old yet. Celebrating a millennium on Jan 1 2001 is basically

Yes, yes, _but_ the concept of zero was not arround when the gregorian
calendar was adopted (sometime in the _seventh_ century). The first
year began as year one. 


> for a party. Then again, so are the start of the mating season of icelandic
> geese, a day my desktop computer didn't crash, or finally getting rid of that

You're a closet windows user, aren't you ;-).