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Re: They Might Be Giants

Hello all,

Robbie Honerkamp <[email protected]> wrote:
>Of course, just for the Dutch members on the list, the Mob could also
>have an official Dutch band and an official Dutch beer.. Suggestions?

Ok, here are my votes:
 Official Dutch Band: Doe Maar (means: "go ahead". They've broken up now,
                                but no Dutch band has matched their fame.
                                They play a blend of pop and reggae)
 Official Dutch Beer: Oranjeboom (means: orange-colored tree)

Let me know when you've received votes from aaalllll Dutch members on this
list, so we can add up the final results. In case my votes don't win, I'd
like to ask for a recount of all the votes in advance :-)

>(Using the new official mail program of the Mob list- MUTT!)

Levien (Using the official Dutch mail send/edit combo: elm and vi)
"Do you hear the people sing, Lost in the valley of the night?
 It is the music of a people, Who are climbing to the light.
 For the wretched of the earth, There is a flame that never dies.
 Even the darkest night will end, And the sun will rise." -- Les Miserables