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TIME's Person of the Century

In the spirit of People's Most Beautiful Person survey
(which Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf won handily) TIME
is conducting their Person of the Century voting on their
web page.

Some highlights:

  1) Jesus Christ
  2) Eric Cartman
  3) Gary Spell
  4) Adolf Hitler
  5) Ric Flair
  6) John Flansburgh (from They Might Be Giants)
  13) Sarah McLachlan
  18) Lara Croft

You can vote here:



Robbie Honerkamp
[email protected]   http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/
  L. Lange: "What role has Windows NT played in security issues?"
  W. Schwartau: "NT and security should never be used in the same breath."