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[[email protected]: NEW: Flame - No holds barred Mailing List from Fidonet.]



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Date:         Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:53:34 GMT
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Sender:       NEW-LIST - New List Announcements <[email protected]>
From:         The Right Reverend Newbomb Turk <[email protected]>
Organization: Asshole Net
Subject:      NEW: Flame - No holds barred Mailing List from Fidonet.
To:           [email protected]

=46LAME on [email protected]   Fido FLAME Mailing List

=46LAME is a no-holds barred wide open discussion list. No subject is
taboo. There is No sacred cow we won't fry up. So, if you think you
are a bad ass. Well, drop in, and show us. Subjects include feminism,
race relations, politics, fudge packers, packet ramming, viruses,
religion, and any other damned subject else we get around to. FLAME is
not for the faint of heart. Republicans, fundies, Dick Smokers, 700
Club fanatics, Feminazi-types, Conservatives, and those of the
Political Correctness bent, may not enjoy their stay on the list.
Don't say we did not warn you. There is a file distribution network
set up that accompanies this list. And, at the end of the Year, there
are Awards that are voted on by the Membership of the List.

To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to
[email protected]: SUBSCRIBE FLAME

You will be added automatically to the list, if the slack-jaw we have
running our list service has his shit running correctly. Expect a
prompt turnaround  on your request. If not, let us know, and we'll
have him killed.

If you have problems with your subscription, Kill yourself
immediately, or write to [email protected] . Don't write to me,
I'll just ignore you.

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