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[[email protected]: NEW: ABDL Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers]

Yes sir, there _is_ a mailing list out there for ANYONE and 
ANYTHING they might be interested in..

The latest from NEW-LIST:

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Subject:      NEW: ABDL Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers
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This is the abdw list.  This list is for, and about adult babies (AB), and
diaper lovers (DL).

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To subscribe to this list send a message to:

[email protected]

containing the command:

subscribe abdl

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Once you are subscribed an intro file will be sent to you, this file
contains specific information about this list that should have no interest to
people who are not subscribed to the list.

If you would like more information you can get it by sending a message to:

[email protected]

**** Topics discussed

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