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PETA forgets their medication..

(An Editorial)

Vegetarian or not, I think all of us can agree that the
folks at PETA are loons. But this takes the cake.

Here's their new site: http://www.jesus-online.com/

Yes, jesus-online.com is their new web site.

The site makes attempts to claim that Jesus was a 
vegetarian, and that we should be too. Some of the 
reasons include that because the Bible didn't specifically
mention that Jesus ate lamb at Passover, he MUST be
vegan. Wow. First they pay people to beat baby seals with
clubs, now they rewrite the Bible.. Methinks they need
to up their medication.

Now, if only PETA would give peta.org (People Eating 
Tasty Animals) back to it's rightful owner.