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[[email protected]] Hiding Internet Explorer

A good one on the Dr. Science mailing list today.

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Dear Dr. Science,
Why can't Microsoft remove their browser from their products, instead of just
hiding it somewhere in Windows? 

Meredith Ludwig, Chicago IL 

Some things simply cannot be known. We do know that Microsoft has plans to
it better. They've just signed a deal with Disney to create 'Where's
Explorer?', a more sophisticated version of 'Where's Waldo?', in which the
annoying animated paper clip will give you misleading information as to
Explorer's whereabouts somewhere on your hard drive. In a related development,
Microsoft will incorporate the entire US Department of Justice into Windows
2000. They're just sit there twiddling their thumbs until double-clicked. Of
course, the embedded DOJ will be much easier to delete than Internet Explorer.
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