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New job!

After three-plus years at MindSpring, I'm moving
on to new stomping grounds. Starting in March,
I'll be working for Digital Equipment in Alpharetta
where I'll be designing high-end Internet service
packages for DEC clients. Fortunately, this pays
lots of money and gives me lots of cool toys to
play with. Unfortunately some of those toys are
going to be running Windows NT. But you can't win
them all.. :-)

The MOB list will continue- it's already running
on a server located in my apartment. I'll still
have [email protected] as my main email address.
In the next month or so, I hope to add filters to 
the list server to stop the bogus postings from 
AOL people and the like. So we might finally
be through with "Petticoat Junction" posts... ;)