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The ultimate geek computer..

The HP Apollo 425t.

It's only a 68040/25 machine, but lemme tell ya..

HP put a row of nine LEDs on the front panel. They show:

1) Network packet recieved
2) Network packet transmitted
3) Disk access
4) A heartbeat indicator- it blinks in a pattern just
   like a human heart as long as the system is operating.
   If the system hangs, it stops.
5-8) CPU usage- the higher the load, the more LEDs are lit.
9) Indicates whether the system is in run or service mode.

But more importantly to us geeks, the lights _blink_! :)

This is _the_ ultimate geek toy. If you like blinkey-lights,
this is the machine for you.

(Just now beginning to enjoy his vacation.. :-)