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(fwd) Atlanta's Traffic Congestion and Festival

I thought this was too funny.. :-)

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The pleasant smell of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxide is in the air
again.  Its time for Atlanta's Annual Traffic Congestion Festival.

This years events are better than ever!  Just not the agenda below:

5:00PM  Park in the middle of Piedmont Avenue and Peachtree Street

11:00PM  Start car and leave

In addition to the jam packed full-o-fun adventures we have listed
above, there are several other enducational and entertainment events
to keep you entertained, including:

1)  Garden Maintenance 101 - How to use urine to help your neighbors
yard reach its greenest (or yellowist) potential.

2)  I honor of Easter, the empty Gin bottle hunt - Unlike the popular
version played with egg, in this game, see how many gin bottles you
can "hide" in plain sight on other people's property.

3)  Anarchy Simulation - Find out what life would be like under total
anarchy!  What happens if no one obeys any laws?  What happens if the
police rufuse (under encourage of the mayor) to not enforce the law?

4)  2nd annual drunken boxing tournament -  No, there are no rings,
seeds, or championships to win, but at any moment, a match may break
out near you.  You may even be a participant!

5)  Economics fun - Caluclate how much money you are costing local
legitimate businesses as you prevent their customers from reaching
them.  See how many vistitors and conventions you can convince to go

6)  Art Studio of the People - You too can immortalize yourself
through the well respected art forms of grafiti and vandalism.  Just
think of that unopened window as your canvas.  Note:  this activity
may be combines with the empty gin bottle hunt and anarchy simulation.

Yes, there are virtual boatloads to be had during Atlanta's Traffic
Congestion.  If I have missed anything, I appologize.  

Unfortunately, this festival was scheduled during Freaknic. I
certainly hope this festival does not interfere with it.

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