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Cute liner notes.

>From a perfectly horrible album called "The Astromusical House of Pisces"
(yes there are 11 other albums in the series)

1. "In A WHITER SHADE OF PALE, the Piscean opens for us the ultimate of his 
2. "MY FAVORITE THINGS, for the Pisces born, will probably evoke memories of 
days at the beach, picnics with gay friends in amiable congregation..." 
3. "But for the Pisces, the space left by the lost love is hastily peopled 
with goblins of fear..."

>From "Hot and Cole" by Buddy Cole (at the organ)

[referring to the executives that were pleasantly 
surprised with the sales of his first record] "The first thing they thought 
was simply, "Wow!" Which, with just the right kind of shake of the head, 
indicates a profound admiration and appreciation of Buddy's swinging